YES – A Powerful Word


“As much as you can in your life, say yes.”
-Mary Carillo.

A simple yes or no that we say to a person, opportunity, or any other circumstance can lead us to be in entirely different situations.

This is the power of these small words.

We often read and hear about the importance of learning to say yes to things that grow us, especially the challenges we are offered to take on.

A simple yes has the power to completely alter your mind and lifestyle. By uttering this one word, you bring yourself to amazing exposures, depths of knowledge, creativity, and success.

Most of the time you hesitate saying yes because your goal is to protect yourself from challenging tasks, but seldom do we realize that difficult tasks lead you to be more experienced, learnt, and successful. They are more fruitful than things that are easy.

With a go-getter attitude and frequent usage of the glorious word “yes”, you can achieve things in life that improve the quality of it and keep you contented.

Right now, if you sit back, close your eyes, and reminisce the past, in 3 minutes you will be able to recall atleast 3 things that you have today because of saying yes the then.

That’s the beauty of yes!

Until you learn to say yes to things that are to change your existing position, you will stay in the same position. This does not only stop you from progressing in life, but gives you inferiority complex when you see others around you succeed who initially started from the same level as you.

If you feel like you are stuck in a particular position, you need to learn to say yes to the things that come your way. Only by saying yes to these situations, you will move forward. You get invited somewhere, say yes. You are offered a job, say yes. You are asked to do something new, say yes.

You might be afraid to accept a task that you have not done before or do not have the know-how of, but you only get to learn when you try experiencing things practically.

Talking about the importance of using yes in life, Richard Branson said:

“If someone offers you an amazing opportunity and you are not sure you can do it, say yes. Then learn how to do it later.”

There are three simple reasons you need to say yes: you need, you can, and you should.

1) You Need

More than thinking of it as being a choice, think of saying yes as a lubricant which your life’s wheel needs to run. You need to say yes in order to live a successful life; a life that is full of life itself.

2) You Can

Even if you think you can’t, someone out there believes you can and that is the reason you are presented things to do. Take such an offering as compliment; take it as a silent praise because you were chosen for a reason.

3) You Should

You should say yes even if that is the hardest thing to do. Without it, you lose numerous opportunities and chances to get better things in life. When you say yes, you get to do more, learn more, and progress more.

So next time when life presents an amazing opportunity to you, have faith in yourself and greet it with a  yes!

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