Will You Vote For President Buhari Again Come 2019 ? (Video)


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Duration: 12:17
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  1. President Buhari did steal enough money in his previous military tenor, so he decided to tighten the economy in Nigeria, all in the pretends that he is fighting corruption; which has created the opportunity for him to deep his hands into the National treasury without being noticed. Hence he refused to declare his assets before his election into office – although, the truth will be evident when he leaves office and suddenly becomes wealthy, have in mind that he (Buhari) could not afford his election fees.

  2. One thing I've observed about most people that have never left the shores of our country Nigeria is that even if they see an idiot in power they will call him a god. I've lived in various countries in my young life one conclusion I have come to in my personal opinion there is no democracy, leadership or truth amongst our people (Nigerians). We are still in the dark… the views of most of the speakers here is a total reflection of that. Based on my excessive travels around the world. All the dinosaur candidates (reccurring military or civilian candidates)for the 2019 electorate don't deserve a single vote. I ENCOURAGE MY FELLOW NIGERIAN'S TO VOTE IN A TOTALLY NEUTRAL CANDIDATE #Give2019ToANovice. After all the men that invented the aircraft where novice in their field. WE NEED FRESH AIR. Don't vote for anyone above the age of 50. Even in that age bracket make sure the candidate is not a former governor, senator, minister commissioner, LGA chair or has ever headed any military or paramilitary organisation in the nation etc. This should be applicable at all levels of the election from federal to local. Put in fresh meat

  3. The Lord revealed some five years ago about the death of ex. Vice President paa kwesi Amissah. But thanks be to God who has protected him all that time, a spiritual handcuff. Let us all pray for the Lord's good hand to rest on the nation, or expect such sudden death's in 2018 as revealed.God bless Abundance in goodness!

  4. Nigerians are resilient and enduring people but many are fools and the others very ignorant and fail to find out what their rights are. Even a man that is not civilized knows when something is not right. If Nigerians cant protest what is befalling them, then let them keep suffering.

  5. islam and christianity has retarded the Afrikan mindset. That's why people are not doing the right thing. Worshipping foreigners will only lead to more suffering, poverty, miseducation, self hatred, cowardice, misogyny, child abuse and corruption.

  6. God do not decide you life, u decide your own life and how it will be.
    9f God decide who u will be and whst u will become, why are you struggling and striving.. ?
    U might as well just relax doing nothing and wait for God…
    Realise you are the God, your bible also tells your so… Stop Waiting for entity that will not help your..

  7. The country that have many leaders corruption cannot stop in the country. please Nigeria I beg stop fighting corruption. we all know that dey are so selfish with with their post in this Nigeria . No body can stop them esept ALMIGHTY GOD. election 2019 GOD TAKE CONTROL IN THIS VOTE. AMEN