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The EE Wembley Cup 2018 is a seven-part football series building up to one massive live final at Wembley Stadium on Sunday 25th November. EE have teamed up with Next Level to rip up the football rulebook. We’re hosting a tournament with four of YouTube’s most talked about teams, a group stage, EE Wembley Cup Draft and plenty of big twists on old rules.

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  1. Thanks for all the support this year guys. Was a very different format, many of the reasons for that were out of our hands but I very much enjoyed some of the additions such as Man Down, the Group Stage, the Draft and the added competitiveness between teams which are concepts that Next Level brought to the table. 30 minute games were definitely too short, didn’t get enough action or game time for drafted YouTubers but this was ultimately a Wembley/pitch issue. We learned a lot behind the scenes too. To do this event 4 years in a row and have hundreds of different people get to experience the pleasure of playing at England’s national stadium is something I’m very proud of and I have to thank EE for supporting us so much throughout the years. Cheers guys.

  2. I just want to say congrats on this whole Wembley cup idea but I think this year wasn’t as entertaining as previous years. I think the 30mins game was too short though I did like the man down idea. Maybe next year we can go to the original setup like 2016 and do Spencer fc vs YouTube all stars both made up of YouTube teams and some legends. Nonetheless good job on the whole event Spencer!

  3. I'm glad f2 won I love an underdog and as much as I I love hashtag I was disappointed f2 didn't win last year. This new format is in ways better. Last year I think was totally unfair with hashtag a regular playing team against tekkers Town I think they called themselves. Hashtag more experienced. Still think next year get together teams who don't play regularly. Keep the format of this year but go back to the challenges getting the player picks like before.

  4. As someone who has been a huge fan of the channel for years I am saying this in the nicest way possible but this wembley cup was an absolute disaster. we watch these events to see our favorite content creators and legends of the game on the same pitch play together and have a laugh, not to see some random people play ok football. The wembley cup has lost all its roots and become some over competitive thing, I’ve lost a lot of respect for the f2 and its disgraceful that someone like joe weller played like 45 seconds. I honestly feel terrible for anyone who had to go to that, you paid all this money and time to watch some Sunday league games last 30 mins and we’re all 1-0