Watch British TV Online Abroad – Including Catch-up and 50+ Live Channels. (Video)


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Duration: 5:36 – How to watch British TV Abroad!!
Including EastEnders, Apprentice, Big Brother UK and all your favourite shows as well as live Brit TV channels plus Iplayer etc. In fact all the best live and catch-up TV from the UK online abroad for free without a VPN and faster than a proxy. All streaming at the highest quality. Near or even better than HD. The best expats can get while away from the UK on holiday or working.

People are always asking me, how is the best way for watching British TV now. It used to be VPN and there are lots of those around but they are slow especially free ones. As they have to serve the data through their servers with a redirect. The site this video is about shows live streams that work on it without buffering. They are both for live UK TV channels and catch up on-demand. So they are fast and work without a download or other software. In fact, you normally would not need anything else to watch UK TV abroad but you may need Flash plugin. Although, that is usually already built into your browser like Firefox ETC.

The other thing I love is the community forum over there. It is great for making friends that are expats and even getting a new job in your new country.

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  1. We are updating our site. It is now free. Works on all devices and computers. Has live UK channels and catch up on demand shows, 5,000 a week. Thank you for all the positive views and feedback to our inbox. Sorry we could not reply to all the comments as we have been busy making our site better than ever and even than in this video. We will reply to future comments faster. Ps Love us. Not need to be bitter. If you want a review or article on our site just as. We are free so we do not mind helping people promote their ways of watching British TV.

  2. Hi! I'm from Spain but I'd ove to watch british TV to improve my english, I've just opened the web but I's appeared a message where the image should be with the following text: We have detected you are not in Great Britain or you do not have the VPN active.
    To watch our TV channels you can use our free VPN.
    Also stop Hackers detecting your IP
    Click Here.

    Is that a fake? Do I need to accept? Or better do not. Thank you!

    P.S.: Forgive mi english mistakes!