Vox Pop: Should Kemi Adeosun Be Applauded Or Prosecuted? (Video)


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Duration: 4:37
Mixed reactions continue to trail the resignation of the former Minister of Finance Kemi Adeosun SaharaTV took to the street to ask Nigerians to air their views.

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  1. She should be prosecuted. However, we need her as a country to help in unravel those lawmakers who were using her forgery for blackmailing and extortions.
    All those applauding her are parts of the rots in the country. Most of them are Kemi Adeosuns in their workplaces with forged documents from certificate of birth to educational certificates, even NYSC certificates.
    For her to get at least a lenient punishment for her crime, she should name names and let her accomplices face the music also.

  2. Nigeria WAKE UP, WAKE UP law is law and no one should be exempted from prosecution. Our leaders undermine us because we gave them the chance get away it. Forgery a crime and that just what she committed. I keep saying that Nigerians should wake up and start holding our leaders accountability and stop praying and folding our hands waiting for god to come and do our responsibilities for us.