TVC Breakfast September 21st | Illegal arms importation (Video)


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Duration: 20:31

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  1. It a shame and very pathetic. Giante of Africa has no scanners, Nigeria is talking about scanner in 2017, dreamers. What about border control in the northern region. Laughable country Nigeria. Obviously this is meant for 2019 by fulani administration for fulani herdsmen to use and take more territory in the south south, south east, and south west.Wake up Nigeria.

  2. Who keeps on bringing in weapons of mass destruction through Nigerian ports? How many arrests have been made so far? Is this fake news to fool the citizens? This is a way of importing more rubbish instead of thinking of how to make your own devices. After all Nigeria brags about having more "doctors" with so much alphabets after their names, than anywhere else in the entire world! So many doctors that cannot make or cure anything! IMPORT, IMPORT, IMPORT. DEPENDENCY, DEPENDENCY, DEPENDENCY. Helpless and hapless black people always dependent on others to solve their problems. Manufacturer your own things and quit acting as foolish toadies. Talk, talk and more talk. Action speaks louder than words.