TVC Breakfast December 1st | The planned sale of National Theatre (Video)


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  1. (Music Against Second Slavery).
    My people dey say Nigeria done dey But me as I see am I no say, Nigeria go-go down Our country go dey make-ee money My people of country no see money LARUDU REPEKE
    Repeke Laru, Laru, laru, laru Repeke Laru, Laru, laru
    I see many many things in Nigeria I see many wrong things in Nigeria Some time ago I come sing one song Repeke Laru, Laru, laru Repeke Laru, When I say confusion Everything out of-ee control When everything out-ee of control-ee Go be say, it " Bafuka"-oh… Fela Kuti (RIP)
    We are losing Trust and Confidence in this Country called Nigerian O! (Country of Pain, C.O.P)

    *A cake festival is being held in Nigeria's capital, Abuja, to celebrate the West African state's history and culture since independence in 1960, is intended to display Nigeria’s cultural heritage empower young people and foster unity (BBC News)

    *Foreigners taking over Nigeria’s Agricultural sector says ( FG.)

    *African in Libya waiting to be killed and harvest their organs. Buyers are coming over the World to buy…(Slavery.)

    *Health sector failures, Education sector failures, Salary unpaid, Police Harassment ongoing, Etc

    *National Theatre planned sale……

    *So much things to talk about.

    Is Nigeria heading to becoming a fail or Not?
    Tipping point?


    Bottom line our Art and Culture must be showcase properly