Top Reasons Why You Need To Include Whiteboard Animation In Your Marketing Campaign


If there was a strategy that could single handedly elevate your entire online marketing campaign and bring more traffic to your business, wouldn’t you want to hear about it?

It turns out there is such a strategy available for you to use: creating whiteboard animation videos.

In case you don’t know, whiteboard animation is simply where cartoon-like images are drawn against a white surface while a narrator describes that’s happening. These videos can be used for educational purposes, for advertisements and marketing, or they can be used for fun.

Here are the top reasons you need to include whiteboard animation in your marketing campaign:

It’s One Of The Most Visual Marketing Tools In Existence  

There are few, if any, marketing strategies that are as visual as whiteboard animation. Can you think of any? This is why for people who are visual learners especially, whiteboard animation can be one of the very best ways to reach out to them.

For people who may tune out to other ‘boring’ marketing techniques such as fifteen second video advertisements on YouTube or billboards or newsletters, a whiteboard animation video on the other hand should immediately grasp their attention and compel them to at least click on it to watch.

It’s Easy-To-Understand

Not only are whiteboard animation videos visual and entertaining to watch, they can also be easy-to-understand with the right script.

People naturally love being told stories, and whiteboard animation is an excellent technique to draw them into the story of what your company is and why it can help them. For this reason alone, whiteboard animation should be included in your marketing campaign.

Whiteboard animation is also particularly useful for educating viewers. Whether you need to tell the story of your company to possible investors or help potential customers understand how your products work, whiteboard animation will make it very easy for people to understand who you are and what you have to offer the world.

It’s Simple To Create

Last but not least, don’t turn away from whiteboard animation just because you don’t know how to create one. The truth is you don’t have to create one because you can easily hire a service to do it for you.

What you’ll need to do is work with the service to establish the message your trying to convey, the visuals you would like to include, and what the most important talking points are. Based on this, the service will then create a script and storyboard for you to review.

If you approve of both, the service will then get to work with creating the animation and voiceover your whiteboard video. You will then get final approval over the final cut.

Whiteboard Animation For Marketing 

Overall, whiteboard animation is at least something that you should strongly consider including as part of your online marketing strategy, for the reasons that we have just described.


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