Top Blockchain Games Reviewed


Blockchain technology has joined the gaming industry and brought with it massive progress. Factors such as non-fungible assets have seen great development thanks to blockchain. Another benefit is the scalability.

In fact, amongst the first people to adopt block chain technology were gamers as they were quick to notice the benefit of bringing cryptocurrencies into the domain. The games that accept crypto currencies are commonly known as crypto games.

Let’s take a look at some of the top blockchain games available in the market.

  1. Spells of Genesis

This game cleverly utilizes blockchain technology by making use of its strengths. The way the game works is by searching for orbs, trading them and using the orbs as actions against your enemies.

There are plenty of awesome reviews for the Spells of Genesis game and is available for both Android and iOS operating systems.

The more the player moves up in levels, the more the value of the cards increases. It also features smart contracts which means that the player needs to enjoy card-based gaming.

  1. Magic Academy

This game was developed by BitnGuild and is considered to be the first idle blockchain game. In order to make progress with the game, simply start off by buying an asset. One thing with Magic Academy is that nothing really can be locked off.

Players mine a token known as Jade and this token will be spent on upgrades as well as on wizards and warriors.

The downside to Magic Academy is that it is not very visually appealing.

  1. HunterCoin

One unique feature of HunterCoin is that it is a completely decentralized blockchain game. This is one of the more popular blockchain games having being around since 2014.

Unlike some games, this one has visual appeal and is very simple to play. Players mine coins through transporting them from one location to another, so it is in line with the theory of cryptocurrencies. You have to avoid your opponent who will try to move close to you and explode.

In fact, very few games compete with HunterCoin and has proven to be a highly addictive blockchain game to many gamers.

  1. Augmentors

This is a blockchain combat game which provides its players with up to 50 monsters, cyborgs and Gods. There is also the option of custom characters.

Here players can buy, sell and barter tokens. An excellent feature with Augmentors is that it provides plenty of character upgrades to make things that much more interesting.

  1. Megacryptopolis

While this game is not yet out, there is plenty of buzz around it that many gamers are just waiting to try out.

Megacryptopolis works together with the Ethereum digital wallet and is designed for microtransactions. This game could be a hit as soon as it is launched.

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