TitleCard Capital – Why Investment Managers Are So Important


One of the most important positions within any kind of investment fund is the investment manager , a person who is required to have a great many skills within the business to keep it going. These men and women must spend their time looking for new investors, managing the investors that they do have and ultimately help the company tick. To find out more about why this, we spoke to the guys at TitleCard Capital about why this is such an important role for any investment or hedge fund.


Any kind of private equity group or fund needs money to keep going and regardless of how successful they are or how able they are, this ultimately is the be all and end all of a business such as this. It is therefore the role of the investment manager to ensure that they continue to find investors and can sell their product to them. This forms arguably the most important challenge within a business such as this and it is why the investment manager is such an important position.


Investment managers do not only make sure that they find new clients, it will also be their responsibility to manage the relationships with their clients. This is incredibly important in order to secure further funding but also to keep things going when there is a downturn. If things aren’t going well then a client may wish to try and pull their money out, something which an investment manager will need to try and discourage them from. A healthy relationship between a client and an investment manager means that even during these times, a client will be committed to the fund and will ensure that their money stays inside the business.


Investment managers are not only there to work with the clients in order to make sure that investment continues to pour in, they are also there to offer advice and guidance on how money should be spent. Working in line with analysts they will help to process data and take decisions based on the results that come back from such analysis. These men and women play key roles in making sure that money is invested wisely and they form a key part of the team in this regard.


Because of the important role that an investment manager plays within the organization they are also greatly responsible for the overall reputation of the company which is where the majority of its success, or at least its attraction will come from. This is yet another reason why this is such a vital role within a hedge fund, a private equity group or any other form of investment fund.

If you want to work in a role such as this you will need to have the right skillset which will range from abilities in sales, relationship management, a passion for finance and a skill in numbers to name just a few.

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