There’s No ‘2015’ in Nigeria. Nigeria’s Election Will be in 2014 – Pastor Bakare


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Footage shows Pastor Tunde Bakare of Latter Rain Assembly and convener of Save Nigeria Group [SNG] saying in a press conference today that there will be no 2015. He says something will happen that will give rise to an election to happen in 2014.

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  1. When you have muslims and christians like this man of God in a country, then you can savely conclude that the nation is blessed. As for Nigeria, a man like Bakare is so rare… Just like many few promising social crusaders who dare to confront the evils, head-on, with everything they have…

  2. Yes we all knows Nigeria is a fraud, not a nation..if you think i am joking; go back to our history…and you will be convinced that we the entire Ibo's have always wanted to build our own kingdom because we are wise and we know it will be like this when we are together..if not being forced by British Colony; Ibo would have grown great..from "palm oil and fish..from coal and crude oil..Brother you know I know and they know there is Armageddon war coming soon because..people are no longer fools!!

  3. Pastor Tunde Bakare is saying the truth, and he is the one of the people i see that can harness the potentials in the country (Nigeria). He's problem is that he aligned with Buhari which is not the peoples choice. The world told Nigeria, if we must move forward, recycling of leaders should be abolished 'cos alot of youths out there that can take over ….

  4. This is no prophesy. He's only just cleverly alluding to the Electoral Act 2010/11 and the amended constitution which says that election must hold 6 six months before swearing-in. If May 29 2015 remains, then election must hold latest by December 2014. But Pastor Bakare is making it seem as if he is seeing something extra-ordinary. He knows if he presents it the way he had just done, SSS will invite him.I'm surprised that no one in the SSS even bother to study relevant laws.