The Valuable Benefits of Yoga


Throughout its history, yoga has been more than just a way of teaching. It has been a way of life. You would commit yourself to a culture and lifestyle that included meditation techniques along with specifically devised moves to keep your body intensely occupied even when still.

It gave a rundown of healthy eating habits, bathing habits, interpersonal interaction tactics, and working habits. The philosophy of yoga circles around the physical practice to achieve health and enlightenment.

Every yoga pose that exists, is designed to provide us multiple benefits. For example, the downward facing dog is a posture that not only engages the body for weight loss, but also soothes the brain, improves the digestive system, strengthens arms and legs, and regulates blood pressure.

Similarly, there are poses in yoga which would provide various benefits to your body. And, unless you do the pose wrong or incur a physical injury, the effects of doing yoga will always be beneficial.

Many of us take weeks and weeks of yoga classes, which is a good decision.

Yoga has always been credited with providing health benefits like weight loss. However, the majority of the practitioners do not know of the benefits beyond that.

The reality is that there is an overabundance of benefits yoga provides that we are totally unaware of.

A research that was published in the Journal of Psychiatric Practice states that yoga can help people keep bipolar disorder in check. Bipolar disorder is a mental health condition which can affect your energy and mood levels as well your ability to function normally.

People who are suffering from bipolar disorder exhibit “episodes” in which their mood fluctuates suddenly and intensely. Stress has known to worsen this state.

Poses such as the eagle pose, staff pose, seated forward bend, and dolphin pose is known to help those suffering from this disorder.

As mentioned above, stress is known to worsen the episodes of bipolar disorder. Not only that, it also affects those who suffer from bouts of stress and anxiety every day. According to MayoClinic, yoga is known to diminish the destructive effects of stress and anxiety.

When we are stressed out, our bodies tend to lose the capability to regulate our inflammatory response which would lead to us suffering from a string of diseases in the future.

A lot of studies have discovered that yoga is a more powerful treatment for chronic back pain than conventional medications.

According to studies, people with chronic back pain reported experiencing some relief from time to time after doing yoga for some months.

Since yoga moves require holding your own weight while being still in a certain position for long periods of time, it is evident that yoga helps us in strengthening our bones and increasing bone density.

Due to these, and several other benefits, yoga has been continuously recommended by doctors to patients who want to achieve a healthy lifestyle.

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