The Messenger (Yoruba Christian Movie) (Video)


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Duration: 1:7:19
Jonah was a messenger in the Bible, God sent him to speak to the people of Nineveh about an impending danger but what did he do? he went in an opposite direction from his assignment. In this classic written and produced by Kayode Babalola aka KayBabs of JOGAM pictures, an epic movie creatively directed by David Kola Okeowo is a MESSENGER whose assignment is very critical but will the messenger see the importance of his assignment? A beautiful acting from Dedun Muyiwa Oyin-Adejobi and other anointed ministers. This is a must see Yoruba movie fully subtitled in English for non Yoruba speakers.
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  1. Thank you Evang. Bola Akande for the upload. This is a great movie with an awesome concept for a great lesson to all born again Christians! Quick question though; will followers of a Christian leader that see any wrong doing in a leader be able to deliver a message without being subjected to " touch not my anointed and do my prophet no harm'? phrase. Stay blessed.