Team South Korea VS USA | Overwatch World Cup 2017 Semifinal Highlights (Video)


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Duration: 17:8
This Overwatch gameplay highlights FlOw3R rampaging on Widowmaker in Korea’s match against USA at the Overwatch World Cup 2017. With Saebyeolbe and Sinatraa furiously dueling on Tracer, and Ryujehong awkwardly juggling Mercy duties with Tobi, this may have been one of the most memorable Overwatch matches in recent months.

Both Sinatraa and Jake has performed admirably on DPS roles, but USA may need to rely more heavily on Rawkus and Adam during this chaotic Mercy meta. Although the Koreans are the heavy favorites, several factors may lead to a surprisingly close fight.

The Overwatch World Cup 2017 is one of the biggest international tournament in Overwatch, featuring stars from all around the world including Ryujehong, aKm, SoOn, TviQ, Surefour, Kruise, and Chipshajen, among others.

오버워치 월드컵 한국 대 미국 – 제이크 시나트라 새별비 트레이서 플라워 위도우메이커 류제홍 토비 준바

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  1. One thing I wanted to mention is the support synergy from Ryu and Tobi. These 2 are so experienced with playing each other and keeping themselves alives through the fight. I'm quite envious of that – it would be awesome to have a 2nd support player like that in each map.