Sowore EdoTicket Problem Eranomigho Vs Uyi Osunde – (Video)


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Duration: 12:19
Sowore in Problem with Edo Ticket #Eranomigho Vs #UyiOsunde –
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  1. I don't understand you kola,, are you from Edo? Do you understand the language ? do you know what they are saying ?_simply because you hear AAC and Sowore ,you post it, can't you respect your platform for once ?Edo people have their platform to discuss in their language, must you force yourself to every topic ?now interpret this man voice to people, do live chat if you are really supporting AAC, don't you see others.

  2. He didn't want any advice from anyone that is the problem he have right from time he think he his wise more than everyone else…he his too proud today you for AAC party tomorrow you are for PDP party campaigning for omosede…by their fruit will shall no them…AAC party did not want any fake people he come right and he will stay right to lead Nigeria to higher level….Eranomigho you did not travel to Nigeria all true the campaign during the time of presidential candidate of omoyele sowore…Africa Action Congress AAC party….He can not be governor of edo state he talk to much…AAC 1.

  3. Eranomigho will never get one vote bicos he fight with every body in edo state can he present his AAC ID CARD AS A MEMBER EVERY ONE SHOULD DUMP THIS MAN WITH HIS PROBLEM FIGHTING EVERY EDO CITIZEN ERANOMIGHO IS A PDP MEMBER HE IS NEVER INTERESTED IN AAC