Sahara Reporters’ activities is becoming outrageously calamitous – Senator Dino Melaye


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  1. that is the point of social media. It does not have to be true. They are they specifically to scrutinise shady things like the obsolete NASS. And besides politicians everywhere in the world have been dealing with this like forever. Deal with it!!

  2. Hey Dino,don’t blame Sahara must to answer their questions ,because they want to know the truth as like you say truth the rest nothing better than it. Where did you get that money from and buying all this luxury stuffs as your a local senator. How much your salary per month,can made you afford all those luxuries stuffs. In fact I think government must to investigate you on this point,not even Sahara reporter alone.Thanks

  3. The Senate of Nigeria is a waste of space, platform of embezzlement and Should be Dissolved. You Guys are so worthless and useless for the offices you are holding – Dino – Just wait – Time will tell – You will be brought to Justice soon

  4. Dino shut up your gutter stinky mouth…. You know nothing about democracy. Why are you so afraid of the sahara reporters if your mind is clean? You are nothing but a bloody criminal… Your are just there for your own selfish interest. You are scared now that all your secret is been revealed by the SR.. Nigerians had suffered enough because of you people greedy bloody criminals. Every one of you must evacuate that seat else the wrath of God will fall on you all one by one