Relax TV IPTV APK – 2 Million LIVE TV Channels (Video)


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The video is for Educational purposes

Video is for Educational purposes
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  1. 1) You for got to MENTION they want your IDENTITY in Permissions !!!!
    2) Only works on Android 5.1.1++
    3) You have to wait 60 FREAKIN seconds to use the apk.
    Never going to happen. I have NO problems with ads. I have a 5 second Rule, PERIOD.
    4) Your forgot to mention 1 channel with 10 – 15 links for it with various quality of resolution
    5) Aprox 80% is 640×360 quality resolution = CRAP. I only view in 1280×720 or Better.
    6) Their should be a way in settings to view 1280×720 or better !!!!!! OR You need to create an apk to go thru all the Bullshit links to find the Good resolution.
    Spread The Truth Not BS.
    Peace from Canada

  2. I don't know why you're always plugging this developers stuff because they always have problems. Just like OlaTV this one constantly freezes up on all USA channels. Yes the pictures great but what good is it if they're constantly freezing up? OlaTV was great before the second update then that too was constantly freezing up. Sorry but This one is terrible! Just for the record I have tried this on 3 different Android boxes and I over 100Mbps internet so the problem is not on my end.

  3. El Mejor television en vivo..Todo la gente debe mirar Relax Tv. Necesitamos mucho mas estaciones from el red se llama el CW. Puede buscar el red CW de San Francisco,Phoenix,Denver and Los Angeles.Una vez mas, gracias por su ayuda.