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Falz- This is Nigeria


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  1. Justin don't come for my head but i was among the ppl who were not flattered about Falz's take on the song… Simply because i see it as clout chasing….. Many other influencers and non influencers have been talking about these issues too…. What falz did was just ridding on a succesful wave and to me theres nothing really super creative in what he did…. but thats my opinion and i sha did'nt go to his comment section to tell him that….

  2. Alot of people are getting d part he says "everybody b criminal " WRONG!. "It's just an idiomatic expression" which clearly means… We all as Nigerians, be u a citizen of any other nation. Young, old, adults, youths n most depressing d people in power" d govt" do nothing but live through this issues and situations daily and just fold our hands and act like the issues are a norm to our societies. And for most scenes it's only if u are Nigerian and live in Nigeria that u can relate..

  3. D notion every1 b criminal just means Nigerians r labelled criminals everywhere
    n called lazy even as dey working hard, some working 2 jobs, also d police
    treat every1 as criminals in Nigeria whereas dey r d criminals dey r corrupt
    taking bribes etc.

  4. Deepening the conversation…..! It’s worth it. It’s real. Like u said, loads of lifers out there would find cheap ways around stark facts of our time. In jokes, truth still be truth. Nice job bro. Helep peepo wey no wan laff, laff…….

  5. My guy I really feel you and I appreciate this wonderful job that you are doing,honestly the way you feel about Nigeria and some unreasonable Nigerians is the same way that I feel because if you think about what some Nigerians do you seriously will get frustrated,they can't do nothing and they keep criticizing somebody who is bold enough to stand up and say something to correct the ills of the society.Truth be told this is one of the reasons why that country is retrogressing instead of progressing. Some people are talking about girls dancing with hijab which is a piece of cloth that can be sewn by any corner tailor which anyway is a borrowed idea from the Arab countries because it is not African but what did they do when the boko haram kidnapped all the girls with their hijabs and took them to sanbisa forest of course they are unable to do nothing but watch like a moron and come to think of it the kidnappers of these girls are they not part of the people that will force muslim girls to wear hijab.Unfortunately some people that I call basket of deplorables in Nigeria leaves the substance and keep chasing shadows all around and I just want to ask the all these years that they have been finding fault in the good and brave things that other people do,what exactly have they been able to achieve of course nothing,all the kno how to do is condemn.Maybe these people are not really watching for them to know that what this guy did that his peers have not been able to do has being gaining international recognition and out all all the ills plaguing Nigeria that he spoke about,the only thing that some short sighted assholes can pick out of them all is hijab,it is a big shame and a great disappointment.Every little thing they base it on religion and if I may ask what good has that done for that country,nothing except chaos.

  6. You dont get the point of the guy talking about speaking against the streets, he meant that the boys doing the yahoo and all have to do it because of their underprevileged backgrounds and falz cant understand the struggle because he was born with a silver spoon, his opinions are his and I am in no way condoning fraud in any way shape or form, and I believe defrauding innocent people because of your personal challenges is wicked to say the least, I'm just trying to keep an open mind to the various aguements in the comment thread.

  7. To your comment regarding the first comment you showed, you sounded stupid yourself, though "I did comprehend where Falz is coming from", however, do you comprehend the damage that phrase "everyone one is criminal" can cause when organisations like Fox news, CNN, etc. gets their hands on it? They haven't heard of such from our Nigerian public before and they are crucifying us, they make social life difficult, now imagine what they will do with this, and you even dared to point finger at one specific area "south east of Nigeria" thus; pointing finger at the Biafrans, what do you think that makes you? The same people(the Igbos) your stupid president called terrorists, now tell us are they terrorists? Buhari called Nigerians lazy, are Nigerians lazy? Without the Igbos, Nigeria will just be known as another African country, the Igbos are the ones positively putting Nigeria on the map, ie #entertainment industry, know your history and scrap that white/american education from your mind.
    What Falz should have done in my opinion was to eradicate just that one phrase, e.g. when Fela sang his, he directed it to the people that were causing the trouble in Nigeria both home and abroad ie politicians, military and white people.