Rashidi Yekini Mother Speaks: I Have Not Seen His Lawyer Since The 8th Day After We Buried Rashidi (Video)


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Duration: 1:56
Rashidi Yekini, one of Nigeria’s most skillful international soccer legends died in 2012. After his demise, his aged mother has engaged in petty trading for survival in a remote location in Kwara State. In this interview with SaharaTV, Rashidi Yekini’s mother debunks claims that she was adequately established, owns an estate and is receiving sufficient funds to cater for herself.

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  1. A copy of this video need to be forwarded to the federal government to look into the situation.  sahara tv is doing a good job,  can as well open an account on behave of the mother  for caring people to raise some money for the mother of late footballer. Service to humanity is service to God, let us assist the mother of the late footballer who had once put smile in our mouth with money for God's sake

  2. My hope is I hope the young players that are coming and growing learn from this, don't ever think you are too young to make a WILL. As soon as you become professional, make sure you put everything in Writing.
    What is happening with African footballer is the same thing that is happening in America with Black Americans in sport and the music industry. Most of these black sportsmen and Musicians always die broke.