PACT Controversy: Nigerians To Decide B/W Moghalu, Fela & Sowere – Charly-Boy (Video)


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Duration: 5:55
Breaking News!!! The convener of Our mumu don do movement Charles Oputa aka Charly-Boy has issued a press statement through his movement regarding the controversial outcome of PACT consensus candidate.
The group has made it clear that Nigerians will only select their candidate after parties primaries has emerged.

The just concluded PACT arrangement that saw Fela Durotoye emerge as consensus candidate has raise lots of dust among many Nigerians questioning the process that saw Fela Emergence against Kingsley Moghalu and Omoyele Sowere.
These video reveals it all.

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  1. Let every Igbo man vote Igbo and let every Yoruba man vote Yoruba. Igbos should stop voting Hausa/fulani. Neither zhould vote their oppressor. Kingsley Moghalu ia full Igbo man and Fela Durotoye is pure Yoruba. Sowore is not Yoruba but Yoruba speaking Ijaw. All these years hausa fulani and where is Nigeria today. They are not supposed to lead Nigeria that's why they're always sick and die in office. Stop voting Hausa Fulani Muslim if you are christian what kind of foolishness is that?

  2. Wow, wounderful ideas frm Charlie boy and co,organisers. I support this greatest way, for all Nigerians to be carry along with there opinion to able to pick for them self just one person out from those young aspirants to contest for all Nigerians, that want change for a better nigeria, and the only way we can defeat the so called cabass.

  3. The man, Prof Kingsley has an international reputation at risk of damage; if he fails to perform. We have to examine what the presidential candidates have to lose on a global platform. So, that they can be accountable not only to Nigerians; but to the world at large (is it an easy achievement, to work with the United Nations for 17 years and maintain a clean record?). Many people are looking, but few see (we should see beyond the spur of the moment).