One Of The Kings In Biafra killed this week by youths. Fearless Leaders Ep 13. (Video)


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Duration: 19:2
Fearless Leaders EPISODE 13. 10 Chijioke Okenwa wanted for the
alleged murder of Igwe Steven Nwatu. 9 PROPHET ANTHONY NWOKO. 8 Asari Dokubo. 7Victoria Faith. 6 PATRICK OMEJE CHAIRMAN, NSUKKA LGA. 5 Aloy Ejimakor. 4 Timothy Ogbona. 3 Oluchi Lloyd. 2 Chukwuma Kalu ipob voting for referendum.1 Fearless Leaders EPISODE 2906.

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  1. Biafra, Abi igbos u people need to be united among ursevles. Even if biafra become a country, u people will still be killing each other because ur selfish mind, love for money and power..Asare D. Is speaking for himself not south south..if biafra break out, why can't we south south break out? Hausa igbo (biafra) and Yoruba are caused of the problem we facing in this country, I advise we stop pretending and face reality. Nigeria will be great if we all do things right by voting competent people who understand the meaning of human right not those heartless Old men. The betterment of dis country is our hands. My advice to those who are thinking of selling or closing their businesses to fight for freedom or biafra not to try it.. Am saying it because have seen and heard of people who tried it since the past years they are all facing the hardship now..please u can always fight for freedom from anywhere while ur business on..God Bless Nigeria

  2. When God gave you the order to librate your people as he gave it to Nnamdi Kanu, you don't need much people to get bring the agenda to pass. Case study of Moses. The elders of Isreal likes to stay in Egypt to enjoy cucumber and carrot but God raised Moses as he raise Nnamdi to set them free. Now remrmber, they elders even remind Moses of the things he they enjoyed there on their back home. I.e many groups still enjoy cucumber and carrot in Nigeria, thats why God raised IPOB through Nnamdi to liberate his people. If this self acclaimed groups are geniune, let them sacrifice there entire family for this restoration as Kanu did. God bless Nnamdi Kanu and IPOB. Nkoli keep it up.

  3. Biafra, IPOB or MASSOP whatever it's called can't survive because of greed and selfish interest. Open your eyes and be wise. What has Nnamdi Kanu or any other Biafra seeking leaders done for the Ibo youths or for the States they are from? Must they become Biafra Presidents or Governors before they create impact for the youths in their States? Niger Delta is included to Biafra because of greed for crude oil. Trust me that Niger Delta militants will never accept it. It's a task that must be done by Niger Delta youths.

  4. Oluchi , must learn that there is nothing wrong with diversity. Hence , unity in diversity. so long the goal is one . We do not need to come under one umbrella because though our destination may be thesame. They, the other groups, as a result of their style seem to be travelling in different trains and most times send mix masages to the international community . They want restructuring , they want to form political paties and some even speak of one nigeria . How do you unite with such purposeless and extremely disoriented group? So long as they make Biafra their goal and swear with their blood , we will meet when we get there. Untill then . Safe trip to every group. All hail Biafra . All hail ipob.

  5. On the issue of the murdered Igwe, may his soul rest in peace. For the murderers, if you weigh their actions both physically and spiritually, what they did is a taboo at the extreme. To murder a seating King by his own people, hmmm na waoo. Whatsoever might be their reason for such satanic and herdsmenic act there's no justification with regards to the killing. Even if not for any other thing, why can't they consider his age. All the people that participated in that Igwe's death are all devil incarnates and they must all face the wroth of the law. They neither have regards for elders nor GOD almighty who put the Igwe on that thrown. Even the scriptures instructed us to respect and obey our leader and the instructions has no specification. Which means we must respect and obey our leaders both the good ones and bad ones.
    On the issue of Biafra, I'm quite sure it's achievable but, only if the rich, the wealthy, the clergies and the political elites in all the Biafra areas should unite and speak with one voice rather than being there directly or indirectly sabotaging the struggle. Let's speak with one voice and see how possible possible Nigeria can stop the Biafra actualization. For crying out loud, this is not 1967, we are in 21st century. Now is the right time to get the Biafra or we better forget about it.
    On the issue of where about of Nnamdi Kanu, I suspects the 5 south east governors. I believe there's a high level of conspiracy among them against Nnamdi Kanu, IPOB and ndi Igbo in general. The conspiracy was carried out just for their own selfish interest. Prior to Kanu's disappearance there was no doubt that they were seeing him as
    thorns in their throats and they all saw him as a very big threat to their political careers because of the overwhelming followers he controls. So the only way they felt they can stop Jim from waxing stronger was to mastermind his disappearance. And their conspiracy worked for them perfectly. I believe there's a way the IPOB will handle Kanu's whereabouts issue, the needed truth will surface immediately. But to be honest, if IPOB will ever let Kanu to vanish just like that without taking any action, it means that even the IPOB had betrayed Kanu.
    Comment sent by Mazi Okechukwu Aaron.