Omoyele Sowore dances with members celebrating a successful National Convention (Video)


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Duration: 11:57
Zenith Bank: 1006023871
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For 58 years, Nigeria has been ruled by misfits. Successive leaders, military and civilian have, since 1970, destroyed and decimated Nigeria. These visionless and corrupt leaders have left the world’s most populous black nation in tatters.

As a result, it is one of the nations with the highest number of poor people today.

With your help, we can break this jinx in 2019 and give Nigeria the revolutionary politics that will send these leaders into permanent retirement. Your support can bring forth a new set of patriotic and conscientious leaders that will create the Nigeria that we all long for.

Let’s say a permanent goodbye to the politics of Godfathers, Godmothers, Godsons, and Goddaughters.

Let us make history together.

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  1. Omoyele Sowore for next Nigeria President from February 2019…

    Take it back movement, no turning back,, Enough is enough of those two Criminal Corrupt Political party PDP and APC…

    Up AAC Africa Action Congress Party,,, this is the only Party that can move all Nigeria Citizens forward without biased…. Omoyele Sowore is the only President Nigeria Needed…