Omoyele Sowore @ Akure for AAC State Congress Ondo Chapter #Sowore2019 (Video)


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Duration: 1:9:4
Zenith Bank: 1006023871
Bank of America Account. Name: Take it back. Routing: #121000358 Account Number: #325104751354
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For 58 years, Nigeria has been ruled by misfits. Successive leaders, military and civilian have, since 1970, destroyed and decimated Nigeria. These visionless and corrupt leaders have left the world’s most populous black nation in tatters.

As a result, it is one of the nations with the highest number of poor people today.

With your help, we can break this jinx in 2019 and give Nigeria the revolutionary politics that will send these leaders into permanent retirement. Your support can bring forth a new set of patriotic and conscientious leaders that will create the Nigeria that we all long for.

Let’s say a permanent goodbye to the politics of Godfathers, Godmothers, Godsons, and Goddaughters.

Let us make history together.

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  1. pls where is the site for the fundraising.. Nigeria needs this guy ooo…..Nigeria! Nigeria!! Nigeria, wake up o. don't miss this chance of taking it back o. once we miss this chance , Nigeria will never ever be good again for life. Nigeria in diaspora, talk to your family members at home to vote Sowore in order to ease the burden upon us. all family members depend on people in diaspora for their survival bcos of the failed country. If they do the right thing by voting Sowore, we will be relieved.

  2. According to Thomas Sankara, "Those who make peaceful changes impossible, makes violent changes inevitable" how i wish the youths of my country can think reflectively forbthe first time and make a true change in governance. Omoyele Sowore perhaps the best candidate in terms of ideology, native intelligence and consistency in fighting for the common man. I see him as another Gani Fawehinmi and i hope we make the right choice this time. The guy has passion to transform Nigeria. My advice, please make yourself more visible and accessible to people. Good luck Omoyele, all the best Sowore, success to you, the hurricane harvey of Naija.

  3. Please you guys should fast about this Ore campaign poster installment, before those old full and the rest will steal the idea!!! Ore really need an attention seriously. I went through Ore recently, it was a disaster, from Lagos to Ore is a killer road, but from Ore to Benin was manageable. Go my presido!!!

  4. Can we raise money to subsidize the cost of internet data bundle such that every phone registered in Nigeria can have a certain amount internet data bundle daily? This will enable the average Nigerian have assess to the vast amount of information and publicity in the internet.