Office Décor Ideas that Will Make You Look Forward to Work


Jobs are generally monotonous and that is why you often feel weary at work.

Having a beautiful, exciting workstation that makes you look forward to work is an idea that is known to beat work life blues.

Several studies suggest that the livelier the office space, the more productive you are. This is the reason why many small and big corporations are working on workplace designs to make employees feel motivated.

Below are several ways you can enhance your workstation to increase motivation and productivity.

1. Shelf for Decorative Items

If your office space is capacious, it is a good option to include a beautiful wooden shelf to place decorative pieces in. You can place crochet balls, cool stuff toys, sculptures, souvenirs, small flower vases, some books and other keepsakes in the shelf to give your workstation a stylish feel.

2. Fresh Flowers

Whether or not you love or have thought of keeping fresh flowers around, they keep you refreshed and energized throughout the day. Many studies even suggest that seeing fresh flowers in the morning can help you beat the morning blues.

Bring in a sleek, stylish vase and place it on the side of your desk. On your way to work every day, grab a bunch of flowers you like and place them in the vase to make it a good day at work.

3. Real Plants

If you have a thing for real plants, it is a pleasant idea to sow a plant of your choice in a small pot and let it grow in your very own workstation. Like flowers, plants are also known to keep you fresh and invigorated and you can even benefit from them depending on the type they are.


4. Color Scheme

Selecting a color scheme and implementing it is good idea for your office space to look organized and appealing. You can include picture frames, ornamental flowers, show pieces, penholders and other stuff following the same color scheme and that will completely alter the way your workstation looks.

5. Add Lights

Lights never fail to amaze us and are never too many, especially when it comes to decoration of homes and offices. You can add a lamp, a string of small lights, or other similar lights to enhance the look of your cubicle or room.

Generally, yellow and blue lights are used to enhance workstations; yellow ones keep the environment brightened up whereas the blue ones you keep you calm and energized.

6. Painted Sea Shells and Stones

When all else fails to interest you, try bringing largish, uniquely shaped stones and shells of different types. Take those stones and smother them in colors of your choice (preferably bright colors to make them prominent), let them dry, and place it on different spots in your workstation.

These stones even act as holders for books, files and other items that would not stand straight without support. If you want something that is useful and lends a decorative touch to your workplace environment, there is no better choice than including these stones.

Head out to the market and shop for these decorative items to make your workstation look more appealing.

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