Nigerians Commemorate the Nazi Holocaust that Killed Six million Jews (Video)


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Duration: 6:49
Nigerians joined the rest of the world to commemorate the loss of several millions of lives in a holocaust instigated by Nazi in Germany.

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  1. So sad Nigerians will never get their priorities right. What about innocent people Boko Haram are killing why not campain about that. What about the government making life unbearable for millions of citizens. You all fools talking about NAZI n 6 million Jews. Think about how many million Nigerians dying of hunger, poor medical heathcare, hiv aids, cancer, accident on highways due to bad roads. Pity my country tears tears tears

  2. Jewish Talmudic Social and Cultural Marxism and Critical Theory to keep the Goyim (non-Jew cattle according to their books) dumb, demoralized, divided, and distracted. Creating -isms/-schisms, questioning morals, structures, values, man/woman relations, black/white, sex etc. Promote individualism and egotism, destroy unity and solidarity, to rule the powerless sheep.

    This Slave Bitch is Paid African Propagandist for the White/Jew Man.
    He doesn't take into consideration that the White Man has killed millions upon millions of black, brown and yellow peoples around the world for centuries  are still at it with their neo-colonial divide and conquer use of Al Qaeda (CIA), the humanitarian bombings and killings in Iraq, Libya, Syria, Somalia.

    This idiot mourning this so-called Holo-HAOX, of impostors and liars who call themselves Jews (They left black, came back white).
    These so-called Jews were the biggest traders in slaves. These people have had a major role in the killing, plunderings and theft of Africa and Africans.

    I fear for the sanity of Africans if they cannot see through the lies and manipulation.  

  3. Mr. UN rep, I tell you what , why don't you remember the genocide that the nigerian govt perpetrated against the biafran people ? Nigeria still does not accept that it happened in the biafran war. You see, the problem of Nigeria is being out of touch with reality .

    By the way, there's still genocide going on against non northerners in the northern part of Nigeria . So if you are against such evils, you are expected to speak up against them now .

  4. They know a lot about other nations or race's history but nothing about their own. Brainwashed and lost are my people. They are shell of their former selves .I should slap that stupid uneducated fool. You self-hating cowards!!! What about our holocaust. it was half a millennium in duration and yet we are still socioeconomic and political slaves. Wake up, you fools. Love yourselves, educate yourselves and waiting for Miracle. Nothing comes for those who wait and debate. 

  5. Isn't it ironic and height of hypocrisy and insult to the spirit of the dead Jews and Biafrans!
    These are the same people that are denying and hailing their role in the Genocaust of over 3.5 Million Biafran women & children starved to death by Awolowo and their allies in terror British & Co. Ironically, Yorubas are the one championing this, yet the worst atrocities in African soil 'Final solution' for Biafrans was designed and carried out by Awolowo Nigeria.
    We will soon figure out the organisation/s that these fraudsters defrauded to make this show of mockery! No one in his right mind will believe that these cheap fraudsters cares about the Jews when they hated Biafrans with such passion that they did worse than Hitler by adding blockade and other atrocious crimes against humanity! Maybe some one may ask them about charity beginning at home, if they cannot recognize and atone for the crimes their own people committed against Biafrans less than 45 years ago, they are here claiming to care for the one that happened over 70 years ago! Hypocrites!

  6. Oh right so according to this comments section, remembering a crime for the sake of never repeating it ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD (like he said), means he has been brain-washed and doesn't care about atrocities in Nigeria. I wonder whether the righteous commentators below know about Hitler's persecution and genocide against black Germans during the same period. The different forms of persecution were mentioned in this video, if anyone bothered to listen. Sad.