Nigerians Collect Money From Politicians Because They’ve Been Pauperized – Iromini (Video)


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Duration: 16:51
In an interview with Saharatv, Akanni Iromini who is the Founder and National Coordinator of Awake Nigeria Movement (ANM) talks about the upcoming general elections and President Buhari’s first term in office.

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  1. Thank Sahara, thank you daddy Akanni, they really have silenced you. Please let's know the website address. Sowore Should with work with man very closely and look into his ideas. It's a fight for all, not one. As for the street talks, it's a good one, especially the mkt women they buy them so cheaply into voting even when they know nothing good is coming from those politicians. Majority are not online, so we need really need Street visiting.

  2. Yes. I have been saying it that only townhall meetings is not enough. Sowore and take it back team should spread it to places like etsakor local government of Edo state. Places like auchi, agenegbode, fugar etc. Market women and men should also be sensitized because most of them don't have tv and can't read newspapers. They don't even know that they are selling their children's future to thieves.

  3. All we Nigerians need today is a fresh,vibrant,intelligent,eloquent and brave leader.the young aspirant can do that.i believe Buhari mistake of not doing anything for Nigerians is the game changer because he finally pushed Nigerians to the wall so now it is fight back more chance for PDP and APC to rule Nigeria again wether they like it or not AAC AFRICAN ACTION CONGRESS IS the answer come 2019.election #takeitback

  4. Nigerians are in serious trouble if they failed to support AAC, there is Big regret awaiting those who cannot be part or SOWORE 2019 as the president of the federal republic of Nigeria. My people, this is the reality on ground right now. This man just exposed little of what we’re trying to eradicate from our country. God bless you mr man.

  5. Grassroot mobilisation is sooo poor.. i pray this won't affect AAC in the coming election.. they claim to have state coordinators.. i hope they are not sleeping. election is around the corner. recruit grassroot mobilisation team in all state.. even if is 50 teams.. sundays n saturdays to go all corners pasting posters , stickers and telling people about sowore.. look into this.. people dont know sowore at the grassroot in most states.. this man is saying fact.. UP #AAC?

  6. Those who really wanted change for this country never come out to vote during elections & these are ELITES in the country who always see themselves as too big to queue in the sun or under the rain for any political candidate on the days of elections. The politicians knew that real Nigerians don't participate in elections & that is why they rely so much in their party faithfuls to always do the unthinkable for them.