Nigerian Air Force Documentary 2017 (Video)


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Duration: 50:45

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  1. Well done!! I must say, this made me feel really proud to be half Nigerian. I am really proud of all of you guys and girls in the NAF, keep up the good work. One can only hope the Nigerian government will continue to invest heavily in all sectors and make Nigeria stand out. God bless you all in abundance. I will be visiting Nigeria in November and I am really looking forward to it.
    God bless Nigeria!!!

  2. Now I also bliv that Nigerian military & para-military are always united to keep the country one & safe… It is capital consuming for a country to build sound air force but an idiom says: "If education is too expensive, then try (price) ignorance". I salute our air force courage since 1964 to date… I applied several times to join Nigerian Air Force after my NYSC but all my dreams proved abortive. I relinquished my dreams when my age pushed little bit above what air force requires as age limits for applicants… Anyway, God provided other ways for my legitimate livelihood earning and I am earning more than what I might earn as air force officer but yet I still feel disappointed for not joining Nigerian Air Force. Thus, if my children like it (Nigerian Air Force) in the future after university education, i will encourage them to join. God bless our military and para-military officers as well as men & women in the service.

  3. exactly what humanity needs more weapons of self destruction. and before u morons commend nigeria for this accomplishment do you realize all this weaponry is no where near the type of weaponry the US or Chinese possess. the Nigerian government are spending money on junk. this are combat planes that the US or China find non effective anymore. yeah maybe to africans and other 3rd world country this is a big deal but nigeria stand no chance against an invasion by well equipped nations. all Nigerian can do is fight off local rebels…killing your own people at the end of the day

  4. I salute the C.A.F! He is a man of vision. I perfectly agree that Nigeria needs more orthodox military hardware in the ever changing and re – evolving world. However, we must realise honestly that the chief problem with many Nigerians using rude language on the C.A.F here is that they are never happy with whatever we have – reason Nigerians went to become slaves in Libya, when people from neighbouring west african countries just want to end up in Nigeria, even if it is to come and plant cassava. It is worthy of note that the N.A.F is fighting at the front, making good effort to project itself as a re – evolved force, championing good welfare packages for service men / women including their families and maintaining itself, all at the same time, from scarce and limited resources decimated by terrorism, pipeline vandalism, oil theft etcetera. God bless the NAF! God bless Sadique Abubakar!

  5. now this is awesome. this is what ive been talking about all along. you guys are now cooking with gas. but please lets make it our upmost priority to start manufacturing our own fighter jet E.T.C . this can generate a large some of money for Nigeria also. god bless the motherland.