Netherlands vs USA – (Highlights) 15 Oct. 2018 | Women’s World Championship 2018 (Video)


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Duration: 10:10
Netherlands vs USA – (Highlights) 15 Oct. 2018 | Women’s World Championship 2018

Nederland vs VS (Hoogtepunten) 15 Okt. 2018 | Vrouwen ‘ s wk 2018

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  1. Disappointing game from USA. Still their blockings are always few seconds early. Their arms were already up there before the attackers hit. They've lost their fire fire after the first 2 sets pretty complacent after. Hope they recruit an ace player the likes of Egonu, Boskovic, Ting, Sloetjes, Rahimova etc. before the 2020 Tokyo

  2. I think the other teams learned more from the VNL lessons than Team USA which happened to be champion. And I see Team USA is really capable of playing with an awesome degree of disarray. The men's team halved my heart when they finished third after wowing us all in the qualifiers. I thought the women's team would keep up the good work and sustain the difference. 'Quartered my heart!

  3. WOW, what an amazing match. Congratulations to the Dutch girls. 2-0 down against USA, who would think they won the match ?? In this poule if you asked who wouuld go to the final 4? NETHERLANDS would not be mentioned.. Proud of you girls, you did somethng almost the whole world did not expect, and you played the game with all your heart, and together…

  4. Horrible setting from Lloyd! USA need a power hitter or a go to player in the likes of boskovic, egonu, sloetjes & zhu ting. Team work is good but you have to have a players who can be realible in scoring. Why they can't develop murphy, drews & Lowe like lefty Boskovic? Maybe it's time to search for right handed opposite spiker like fawcett to have a different angle of attacks. Also, they need a libero not the one who just converted.