LIVE: Omoyele Sowore give update on the latest happenings #Takeitback #AACParty #Sowore2019 (Video)


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LIVE: Here’s an update of what we’ve been up to and I’ll be responding to your questions! #Sowore2019 #AACParty #TakeitBack #Action

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  1. Sowore……You always bring tears to my eyes anytime I hear you speak about your aspiration and your history and antecedent. -I am particularly drawn to you because you're not like the other "ajebo" presidential aspirants. Someone once said my generation is among the wasted generation, but with you I see your campaign is a paradigm shift from what we are used to. My sincere prayer is that God almighty will crown all your efforts with success in the presidency. Keep up the tempo, and keep informing young people – those who will benefit most – especially students in all tertiary institutions in Nigeria to come out and support you. God bless you.

  2. I can read everyone but the truth is our youths and elderly monthers are not waking up frm their slumber ,pls the diaspora should send good message now just like the june 12 era that is the only i repeat nigerians have spoken with one voice and unity ##AAC##SOWORE 2019## if you check south afrikans and ungandan and other europe countries you know buhari and atikulate brains are old modern but plsss collect their monies is your money and my money but thump print AAC on that day with your God given mind and conscience

  3. This is what I call real campaign. The very first time an aspirant is raising funds by setting up a funding base in Nigeria. This is exactly what happens in the developed countries— where parties raise funds on their own and never loot d banks or have d useless godfathers to sponsor them. It's very dangerous to have those looters/cabals as sponsors because u hv to remain humble to them by doing what they prefer instead of d other way. This guy is as transparent as water and his government will be the first innovative and meaningful rule in nja. Pls my ppl don't back down, donate, campaign for Sowore any where and anytime. Spread d word and make sure ppl get their PVC ready. Nobody can steal our mandate if we don't gv it out foolishly. This is a new dawn in nja and there's hope with this guy. Your future is in ur hands my ppl, don't ruin it this time. Let's rise and take it back. # Sowore take it back 2019. God bless u all

  4. Nigeria needs a change of government a change of system. But the fact is that THE CONTINUITY OF OBASANJO AND CO. NOMINATING AND PICKING A LEADER TO NIGERIANS IS A CONTINUOUS TRAGEDY OF IGNORANCE DISEASE. Wake up Nigerians and regain your dignity. Vote youth vote someone that is not sponsored by any corrupt past leaders. Someone with a genuine interest of moving the country out of the current state of "no future in Nigeria" Vote a true youth vote Omoyele .
    Please . am a Nigeria in Diaspora but the situation of Nigeria still remains my concern cos i have friends and family there. Beside Nigeria is my country of origin.. Please don't further unconsciously sell your birthright for just a day meal that will lead you to perpetual hunger.