Jonathan Bowden: BBC QT, South Africa/Rhodesia, Britain in Radical Decline, and Anglo-Celtic Future (Video)


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Duration: 41:6
The joke of the BBC Question Time with BNP chairman Nick Griffin, old Rhodesia and apartheid South Africa, the radical decline of Great Britain, and what can be the future of the Anglo-Celtic peoples of these islands

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  1. I'm still in low spirits about this man's death. The news felt like a blow to the stomach. But at least these gems will always be with us.

    @24:00 min.

    "Irredeemably evil." *with a smug smile*

    I love that part. It's so Bowden-esque. He loved to associate himself with the demonic.

  2. Just discovered that this man passed away at the end of March. What a great loss to any of us that have even an ember of patriotism – the BNP were stupid enough to lose him and now he is gone for ever. A great public speaker and debater whose political knowledge was all encompassing. We shall not see his like again. RIP Jonathan.

  3. They are globalists. They want to reduce whites to a minority status across the world. Why? Because they are the only ones standing in the way of total control. They have used women’s right to vote as a weapon to destroy the west. Have always been there at the gate but women let them in.

  4. The Celtic cultures of Scotland & Ireland were destroyed by the English in the 18th&19th centuries. The Cornish one made illegal before that. Bowden has that Irish bard gene ~the gift of the gab,wit or music that used to prevail before the Christians & English invaded.The Celtic peoples said the blue bloods that came from invasion always set themselves apart. Now willing to sell off their nation to globalists for the right price.A new breed of very useful sheep called Muslims displace the working classes