Hurricane Sowore Makes Landfall In Kaduna


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Presidential Aspirant Omoyele Sowore campaign train was in Kaduna State.

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  1. The problem of nigeria is not leadership! If you like bring youths,, it will even be worse, nigeria will never work.nigeria is like a 3story building on a bungalow foundation, and such a house is a natural disaster which time can prove. Total dismemberment of nigeria into it's indigenous nations in order of Yugoslavia is the only breath of fresh air we all can breath! Let's path ways and live as peaceful neighbors than this story all this stories they came to tell us every 4yrs. The size of nigeria is too big for a black man to govern hence giving room to loopholes they termed corruption at the expense of the populace.

    When the country is con sized into indigenous nations it will be difficult for any person or group of politician's to take advantage of others because we will be close to each other. Also revolution which is one of the major ways of flushing corrupt leaders will easily take root in an indigenous nation than a heterogeneous nigeria system were everybody want to protect their own.

    Each emergent nation's will solve their problem as it concern them, there will be competition as seen under regional government when the likes of Late Chief Awolowo pioneered the Yoruba nation, which those milestones has eluded the Yoruba's today under one nigeria,

    After 57yrs of nigeria Independence, the country is still running around, totally retrogressive! In 2015, the shouted change, 2018, they want shout again to cage the masses into another 4yrs, God forbids.

    My question is simple; When will this experiment end!
    Answer; following the path of formal Yugoslavia and live as peaceful neighbours is the only breath of fresh air we all can breath!

  2. #takeitback as part of the effort to steer our nation in the right direction. A win for this movement should pls enthrone a free National Health Insurance for all Nigerians being 1% deduction of our earning. Free transportation for the disabled and old people and welfare to community to be funded by churches. Withdraw licenses of any church that refuse to follow such practice.

  3. @MrPresidentSowore, how will your governement tackle the issue of Foreigners and Expatriates taking jobs that Nigerians can do, paying them in Dollars, and Huge sums, why they keep bring him more expatriates to handle managerial and supervisory roles, whence Nigeria's get to do the 800naira per day casual jobs.
    Indians and Chinese, taking over everything, they get all the previledges and honor, they sack us and buy out loyality with peanuts, enslave our girls as housegirls and sex objects.?
    Dangote pays 500% more to expatriates, CCECC and SINOMA brings him ordinary technicians or operators from their country to hold managerial positions, they do nothing and earn more human capital pay then the eduvcated well paid Nigerians self.
    How will your preseidency tackle this matter?