How to add tv content and channels via Plex on Roku. (Video)


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Duration: 9:7
On this video we show you how to make the most of you Roku thanks to the Plex app. You will be able to view many TV channels for free via Plex, without the need of being subscribed to participating cable operators nor memberships, plus access to many overseas channels including sports.

We strongly advice you to get the DNS with the Jetswitch since you can set the regions for multiple channels at the same time, eliminating the need of constantly changing your DNS region everytime you change channels. You can get it with this link:

In case you don´t know how to install channels on Plex, watch our video on that subject.

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  1. It almost sounds like by the time you pay for all the fees…. $4.99 for Plex….$10.99 for CBS…..$14.99 for TIVO….etc etc……I'll be paying what I was paying for Dish Network. (which offered to cut my bill from $125/month to $75/month when I called to 'cut the chord')

  2. I don't think many of you understand. I am a cable subscriber and I own a Roku. Although Roku allows you to add the apps of the networks, for many of them, you are not able to access complete shows unless you are a cable subscriber. In Roku, you click the app and they ask you to sign into your cable provider account in order to be able to access the full content–even if it is a non-cable channel, like CBS. This is frustrating: first because you have to sign in for each channel, second, because in order to continue to access, I need to keep paying a cable provider.

    I'm not sure how PLEX works on Roku, but it sounds like, once you add the PLEX app to roku, you add the channels you want onto PLEX, then you get full access to at least the last few shows of the channel, without having to sign in–which means you do not need to be a subscriber to any cable or satellite service. So, $5/month sounds much better than upwards of $100/month. And I believe he mentioned that you could purchase a liffetime subscription to PLEX for around $150. The only downfall I see so far is the limited time to access content, but it may be worth a try.

  3. Great video! Thanks for all the advice. I saw from another source that I should purchase a VPN enabled modem/router, would that be necessary or can I use a regular modem/router and access the DNS (overplay) through that to access the extra channels via Plex?

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