How Mexico Can Win The 2018 World Cup ft. Chucky Lozano | Ep. 2 (Video)


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Duration: 4:12
Mexico will be one of the most promising teams in Russia this summer, thanks to Chucky Lozano, Javier Hernandez & countless other stars. But can they win it all?

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  1. Too all the fucking haters saying that Mexico isn't good, you don't understand how the world cup works. The world cup makes sure to pick the best teams to compete with each others. United States didn't get into the world cup because they are dumb enough to get the soccer ball through their own goal. In the world cup anything can happen and you shouldn't underestimate your opponent. Mexico is really high ranked, specially compared to other Spanish talking Lantin Countries like Uruguay, Costa Rica, Honduras, and Peru. Mexico has won to Germany when Brazil lost 1-7 to them. Saying that Mexico is bad is dumb.