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My friend Girish Navani is a recruitment manager and since the first days that we left college she has been helping our small friendship group to improve our interview abilities. For someone like Girish Navani , interviews come very easy to her and she always feels relaxed and comfortable whenever she is being interviewed for a position. Most of us are not quite like Girish Navani and most of us get nervous and struggle through an interview. Over the years Girish has shared a great many tips with me on how to make sure that you nail the interview and I wanted to pass on her tips, in the hope that it may also help you get the career you’ve always wanted.


Girish always says that it is not about answering questions during an interview, well not strictly speaking at least, but rather it is about selling yourself. Always remember that this is your opportunity to talk about who you are and what you do, a chance that you are unlikely to get again. With this in mind Girish always says that you should think about how much you want this job, and then simply tell the interviewer about yourself.

Taking a Pause

Wherever the interviewer asks you a question there is no race in getting back to them with the answer. What this means is that you can take a second to pause, digest the question and then start thinking about your answer. There is nothing wrong with this at all and it will in fact ensure that you give a far better answer than if you were simply to reply on the spot. Take your time, take a breath and then deliver your answer.

Eye Contact

Eye contact and body language are very important according to Girish and she often talks about the way in which people carry themselves in her interviews, and what she can tell about them as a result. You should try to make eye contact as much as you possibly can, in doing this it shows confidence and respect for your interviewer. Body language is also important and you should always me mindful that you are sat up straight and not slouching, as well as making sure that you are leaning slightly forward to show control and authority.


There is absolutely nothing wrong with injecting your interview with a touch of humor from time to time. This is of course a professional meeting and you need to make sure that you are professional in your answers. With that being said it can prove to be a nice ice-breaker if you can say something which is slightly humorous. This will help you to feel far more relaxed and it can be a great platform from which to start your interview. As Girish has often reminded me, nobody has ever missed out on a job because of a job which they made during their interview!

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