Getting the New iPhone 6s? Here’s What Your Old iPhone Is Worth


It’s an autumn tradition: Apple’s launches a new iPhone, and you have a big decision to make: Upgrade or not?

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This year is no exception — or so says the usually reliable Apple rumor mill. New iPhones — let’s call them the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus, although that’s not confirmed — will arrive soon. If you’re planning to upgrade, you might be ready to trade in your old iPhone. But what’s the ol’ handset worth?

To find out, we went to four sites that buy used tech hardware: Best Buy, GameStop, Gazelle, and NextWorth. We compiled our findings in the chart below, which shows price ranges for 19 iPhone variants — from the the iPhone 4S 8GB through the iPhone 6 Plus 128GB.

Not surprisingly, iPhones in mint condition — no scratches or cracks, all the cables and packaging in place — earn the highest dollar. Broken phones may bring you a few bucks, depending on the buyer. Best Buy, for instance, won’t pay bupkis for a non-working iPhone, whereas Gazelle offers $50 for a busted iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus that won’t even power on.

The highest value? Generally speaking, unlocked phones in pristine condition. This varies by site, however, so be sure to get multiple estimates. We rounded the numbers to the nearest dollar to keep things simple.

So what’s your iPhone worth? Check it out!

iPhone price chart

credit: Jeff Bertolucci

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