Full Video: What Saraki, Dogara told Buhari about IGP, Dino Melaye, 2018 budget (Video)


President Muhammadu Buhari on Monday met with the Senate president, Bukola Saraki, and Speaker of the House of Representatives, Yakubu Dogara, behind closed doors.

The meeting, which held inside the president’s, office, took place hours after Mr Buhari returned from his home town, Daura, in Katsina state.

After the meeting, Mr Saraki told State House correspondents that they were in the Villa on the invitation of Mr. Buhari.

He said the president briefed them on his trip to the United States last week where he met with President Donald Trump.

He also said Mr Buhari spoke to them about the 2018 budget.

The two chambers of the National Assembly are yet to pass the 2018 budget estimates six months after it was presented to them by the president.

The Assembly has said that the delay in the passage of the budget was due to the failure of the heads of Ministries, Departments and Agencies to appear before the Assembly and defend their estimates.

“We also talked on the issue of concerns to us, the invasion of the National Assembly, which he showed great concern and said action will be taken to investigate that,” Mr Saraki said.

Thugs invaded the Senate chamber recently and took away the mace, the symbol of authority.

Mr Saraki told reporters that Mr Buhari saw the invasion as an embarrassment to the country.

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  1. Why are they running after this accused treasury looter ? This DSS guys are disgusting…he is a common opportunist and they are treating him like this….Nigeria may never be salvage in our generation with this archaic and vainglorious mentality. How I wish d car can knock this foolish secret services down to serve as a lesson to them never to play slave to this thieves.

  2. Dogara u said u hav never seen any country where sick people are wheeled to court. Let me update u- Tupac Shakur was wheeled to court on a wheel chair to answer a rape charge case. Even when he was been treated for gun shot wounds at the time.

  3. I think IF Dino melaye survive this collective calamity in his life presently, because his a young man in Nigeria politics,

    I'm sure that he would learn a lots of lessons,
    That NOT every person that dance to your sound or sing along with your songs are your real friends,
    Because this was a man that led the front of BUARI campaign in 2015 and even in house of chamber,
    Everybody knows DINO as son and follower of Bukola saraki ,

    BUT now , Saraki understand all this plan again DINO MELAYE that BUARI hands was 100% in this matters and he doesn't want to do anything contrary to the will of northern supporters of BUARI because his eyes was also one day on this throne of president of federal republic and he doesn't want to downgrade his popularity in the north because of DINO MELAYE case,

    And I'm sure by now, even in his hospital bed,
    He will surely be shaking his head at the moment because the full support he expected from his colleagues was clearly more than low at the moment,
    And this was exactly what happened to MKO ABIOLA after his 1993 election,
    And all those politicians and yoruba royal father's that he expected to fight for his immediately released,
    They were later discussed contracts with SANI ABASA,
    And alow him to be rotting and died in the prison yard,

    And this will be a greater lessons to all those up coming young generation that are interested in politics to know their minds and keep their truths within themselves because a lots of heroes has falls on the pat of truths and BABA OBAFEMI AWOLOWO was one of them , the best president that Nigeria never had .

  4. Hon. Dogara, what u are saying is true, it's something that is happening for many years to so many innocent civilians who are masess and u pple all know abt it but u remain mute, only now that it affects ur fellow member who is obviously a criminal that u are now taking it seriously.

  5. No amount of english grammar will change the situation in nigeria, we need new sets of young leaders who are not thinking about enrichment alone but total and a complete change of our nation to meet the new order of advancements in all areas of our existence.God bless nigeria.