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As I was saying, this is not a time for Nigeria’s leader to be careless with time management as he did in his first term when he wasted six months before he could form his government. I also noted in the same vein last week that this is not a time too to entertain the most dangerous people in any government:sycophants. I specifically pleaded that those pollutants (sycophants) including self-serving members of his ‘kitchen cabinet’ should be blocked at these desperate times that demand desperate measures – to rebuild the country’s broken walls.

I would like to remind our leader at this time that it is not a time to allow sycophants and court jesters in his house to prevent him from listening to the ‘voices of reason’ who would like to tell him some inconvenient truths including the fact that there has been too much impunity nurtured by gross indiscipline in his first term.

I was also saying here before the article was declared ‘inconclusive’ too that, ‘there are indeed weightier matters of state and governance that the president should concern himself with at this time. We should not fail now to remind our leader that there have been some institutional weaknesses that negatively affected efficiency in his first term. There shouldn’t be any illusion that the president didn’t run the 2019 election campaigns on his performance in the last four years. The president’s performance was not significant enough. And part of the reasons are not too far to seek: They include: weak presidential bureaucracy; embarrassing parochial appointments; a cabinet of mediocrities; lifeless economic team, etc’.

Parochial appointments’:
There was also a simple salient point here last week that Nigeria’s leader at this critical time should not allow the sycophants in his presidency to dismiss those who have expressed concerns that since 2015, presidential appointments have been curiously parochial. And so it has been noted that perception of nepotism, in this regard could nothave helped in building confidence in the nation he leads at this time.

So,it is worth repeating too that the president should conquer himself at this time and reflect on the complex diversity within the country and that is why his appointments this time should not accommodate perceived parochialism and nepotism. The fact that he has been declared re-elected in the just concluded presidential election should not be interpreted to mean that all sections in the country have accepted his parochial appointments since 2015.

It was noted here too that most observers would like the president to overhaul his mediocre presidential bureaucracy. In this context, the presidential bureaucracy comprises the offices of the Secretary to the Government of the Federation, (SGF) Head of the Civil Service of the Federation (HCSF) and Federal Civil Service Commission (FCSC).

Read below an article titled, ‘Time to overhaul wobbly presidential bureaucracy’ I wrote as a companion piece to the first column (piece) here titled, Buhariwatch: ‘Before the honeymoon expires’in The Guardian on Saturday March 19, 2016 back page: (https://guardian.ng/opinion/buhariwatch-before-the-honeymoon-expires/).

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