BIAFRA : Israeli Politicians Use Biafra To Quote A Verse From Bible To Nigeria On Biafra’s Freedom (Video)


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Duration: 3:58
Israeli Political Analysts Mr J. Abramowitz & Lauren Izso Used Biafra to quote a verse from the bible to Nigeria . It says ”That which has been is that which shall be”Ecclesiastes 1:9.

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  1. Unbelievable how deep y'all want to divide this country of Nigeria? Preparing a genocide again? Nigeria better watch out. Nmadi kanu ain't shit yes I said it…if you ain't happy about it you can bite me.
    200 M of people that's a boom economic.
    If kanu is smart and strong he should make it as men for all Nigeria.
    Just hate to talk about this issue.
    Now on keyboard to insult

  2. From the beginning God created the Biafra & Nigeria was desolate, upon the arrival of (small) lord Fredrick Lugard, to satisfy the unwholesome gratification of fellow white lords at the detriment of the Biafrans, he used lethal weapons to subdue us, aware that his weapons was no match to the Biafrans superior weapons they chose Bible and because Biafrans love God so much & they finally penetrated to heap us together. That Heap up is replica of the Biblical statue dreamed by king Nebuchadenezza where the Clay cannot bond with the Bronze.Today, God Has come to give us Biafra & who is that Baga to question it?Long live Biafra for there to be Nigeria of some people's dream!

  3. One thing I don't understand here, all the Biafra state has governor and non is talking about Biafra, they have senator, that don't speak or talk about Biafra, house of reps, senator and people in govt, at least I believe people vote them in and they don't represent Biafra in any form, and I believe you guys will still vote them in again.

  4. And the Book of Lamentations says ' For who is it that Sayers and it cometh to pass, when the Lord commanded it not(Lamentations 3:37. This man is talking a bunch of garbage, I was in Nigeria from the beginning to the end , that is from the first coup to the end if the war. Uno people are married to Northerners, I have relatives who are non- Igbos married to Igbos. When your so-called leaders live abroad and incite those at home to start a rebellion, then you are all selfish. As long as God who created the earth has not permitted it, it will never take place in the name of Jesus Christ and if as this man says the Igbos are mostly Christians, then you'll agree with the Word of God quoted above. Please don't die for nothing , don't let your loved ones die for nothing.

  5. Biafra has been and shall be, and nothing can hoodwink us again… Hausa Fulani….leave Biafrans alone… We are tired of this fake and wicked union!…2Corinthians 6:13-15 Do not be yoked together with unbelievers. For what do righteousness and wickedness have in common? Or what fellowship can light have with darkness?