Belgium’s Africa Museum With Colonial Past Reopens (Video)


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Duration: 2:2
Belgium’s Africa Museum, seen as Europe’s most racist museum reopened this December featuring sculptures of Africans represented as animals after a 5 year, $73 million revamp.
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  1. Why worry about what they do when you have the same right and power to influence your people about the truth. Build your own museum and portray them in the same light. Build statues of how we conquered and chased them out of Africa. Make a statue and put their kings at our feet begging for mercy. Change the education curriculum and teach our children about African warriors and achievers, rather than about colombus and mungo park and shit….

  2. And for the record I wouldn’t have been there during slavery but I’ve been there today and there was only 25000 slaves so everyone that comes to America is striped like that eventually u talking about 1619-1870 there was 25000 slaves the rest of us was Egypt and Morocco South Africa and all that shit never helped free slaves they the worst type of Africans all y’all like is inbred ass… we naked today fuck slavery we got East Africa fuck the rest of Africa we making our own Middle East Africa

  3. East Africans was naked the ones that can speak English was naked not no fucking 25000 monkey ass bitch made ants 25000 of you ugly black ass bald bitches was in a fucking box having sex with ur ugly fucking ass Red was not slaves they help these fucking ugly ass slaves… like Betty is a nice tribe the rest of that Zulu shit fuck you and your fucking dumb ass education Africa

  4. Why Afrikan cant do the same by showing how evil is the white race since they appear on the face of this earth some 10000 years ago? There was peace and stability on earth when only Afrikans were living in the world. All these good things were gone since this evil white race surfaced on earth. Who was behind slavery, colonialism, apartheid, both world wars, Iraq war, Syria war, neocolonoalism, Libya war, etc? Who dropped the atomic bomb? To each of these questions, the answer is white people or Europeans. So, who is the evil animal here? You know the answer? Afrikans must now learn how fight these evil Europeans for any of their evil and animal acts. We cant let this go unnoticed anymore. Enough.

  5. The devil, yes, Satan himself cannot be anything but pale white. There is no way he can share the same black skin like Yeshua, the Son of God. Wicked white people, especially that Leopold murderer… He even cut off the hands of baby girls in front of their fathers, for not meeting their daily work quotas. May they rot in hell.

  6. you people allow commentating words influence your perceptions…we have us with leporad skins on and all thru the walls in was our culture……stop racial hate..eveloution will always conquer the previous…learn universal laws..and know thy self..stop hattin they agenda…2018/1432

  7. There's no need to present the victims of genocide like this. Is the museum highlighting the savagery and depravity of the Belgian King Leopold?

    Some estimates say that Leopold's genocide took 10 million in Congo, during Belgian rule. Despite the extreme cruelty of the occupation, (ex: cutting off hands for failure to make rubber quotas), statues of Leopold II and colonial monuments dot the parks of Brussels. Streets are named after Henry Stanley, Leopold's agent in Africa.

    Even after Congo's independence in 1960, the CIA (along with Congolese rebels and Belgian army officers) ordered Patrice Lumumba's assassination.

    The monstrosity of Belgian society is what should be highlighted.


  9. Am ashamed to see the so called highly educated Elite in developed Europe, who used to lie on us that all people were born equal & lied on MSM that they're serously fighting Racism among people, they've truly revealed their true colour. I mean who're they, & what they think about Black People.
    All African people (AU) should stand up against such inferiority agenda and demand the Belgium to close that gabege.☹

  10. It will never be well with them, they're the one causing war in African today. It's time to end all this rubbish. .. and I hope our good and foolish leaders are watching this video. .. The meaning of this video is African continent what can you do. Shame to you all. ..

  11. Africans unite , no one cares about us , we have to start embracing ourselves ,
    set our own standard and live by them . Enough is enough , these people have never apologized for or shows any remorse for what they have done to our people and beloved continent. That's the reason why they have no problem insulting us with every chance they get .

  12. Have anyone noticed thal all of the colonising countries with all the wealth they have stolen have not prospered. Most, if not all of these western colonizers countries are falling . No one gets a free ride in Yahs world, there is always a price to pay Jew or Gentile, free or enslaved, rich or poor, that's the way Yah made it, today it's here tomorrow it's gone.

  13. À lot of the comments here are racist and full of hate speech towards Europeans/ white and visa versa. Much resentment of frustrated Africans. It's a pity. This museum could also tell a positive story of the African diaspora and African history and culture and yes also about colonisation and it's consequences. But I think we need these days a positive image and so the Tervuren museum could play that role if there is some good will on both sides. To those who use hate speech I say clean up first your own room and study African history before writing hate and resentment texts.