Ayoka Onijo Oge – Latest Yoruba Movie 2018 Drama Starring Victoria Kolawole | Biola Fowosere (Video)


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Duration: 1:5:53
When poverty hits a man, desperation sets in. A couple runs mad in their pursue to become wealthy. When investigation was carried out on their matter, it shows the couple didn’t have the mind to stand the spirit when he offered them money in exchange for their pledge.


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  1. From time immemorial…whatsoever is obtained without the true approval of Baba God MUST certainly end up in disastrous consequences.
    The ONLY option is to wait patiently and solely on our Almighty Father to orchestrate His plans and purpose for our individual journeys through life.
    No one will ever 'serve2masters' and make any 'meaningful headway'.
    However one TOTALLY UNACCEPTABLE ISSUE portrayed in this movie remains the so called 'collaboration' of religious beliefs to ascertain and solve the 'mysterious and unnatural dilemma' in the movie.
    The supposed pastor claimed it was fine to 'work' together with the others'.
    Please script writers and producers… kindly avoid depicting FALLACIES…
    This is TOTALLY UNSCRIPTURAL…'Do not lead people astray by ignorantly rewritting the Bible' …
    This surely has dire and serious consequences for God can never be mocked.