APC Lagos Primary: My Opponent Unfit For Office, Ambode Talks Tough Pt 1 (Video)


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Duration: 9:27
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  1. My guuyyyy. Chai. Na you biko. If they think they can take you down fight dirty and bloody. These ones have no grace or decency. Gentlemaness no go werk with them. If you go down go down blazing in vibrant colours and sink them all first before you do. That's the way to go. Tinubu own don ten much haba. Na only him

  2. Stupidity in politics…Sanwo Olu has gone for rehabilitation in General hospital, he has committed fraud in the US before, he is not fit and proper to govern Lagos, yet Ambode appointed him in his govt to work for him. As his job is threatened, he is now dishing out these facts on Sanwo Olu! Fear politicians

  3. Levitate the poor hmmm rise in transport fare due to road work that make life hell for commuter (how much are they making) – rise In land use not a lot can afford that rate. Rise in poverty where food are expensive. Labour worker strike is a sign to let people know standard of current leaving is unacceptable. Old investors been lay off after so much was done by them to bringing their investments in to the country, must change of administration mean dissolve of investors.

  4. This is internal politics at its best and really tmrow will decide who really rules lagos

    Ladies and gentlemen on one corner is K1 and gang supporting sanwo olu and on the other camp ambode on merit and work delivery.

    Tmrow will be highly interesting if nah K1 control lagos we will see and if it is ambode we will see

    Jagaban how ever has already spoken let direct primaries decide

    Eyin boys dice six six who go win
    Bets are flying like crazy and we all know badagry is the decider ose

  5. We can only vote when you win the primary. Ensure you get the party ticket. I hope you remember party primary is only open to party members? If APC says No decamp to another party to actualize your dream. In my view you were handling it right, you shouldn’t have called the world press…. your achievements speaks for itself…

  6. I am shocked about the issues Gov Ambode has raised against his opponent in today's APC governorship primary. And I ask; is it not the same man Ambode appointed in his government? Even when he knows he is not credible. What actions has he taken against him and his appointment till now, assuming he got to know late about the credibility issues?

  7. Ambode has tasted power and it's not easy for them to quit, they called themselves our servants but they kept on enslaved us , people are dying of hunger in a country of surpluses let me tell you God's angers is working now on these criminals so called politicians I bet you Almighty God will caused all of them to run away from Nigeria without taking their belongings before the ending of this year Amen.

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