Ambode, A Governor Who Couldn’t Secure Second Term (Video)


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Duration: 1:58
Ambode, A Governor Who Couldn’t Secure Second Term

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  1. Part of the reason why legosains teamed up and conspired against Ambode was because he said that the federal government should open up other seaports in the country to help ease apapa gridlock.

    That was a blow to the people of Lagos cause they know what that move gonna cost Lagos state if it happens in terms of revenue they generate from the monopoly of being the only state with seaport in a country of about 180 to 200 million people ..

  2. Who think these vampires care about them must be a joker, if tinubu couldn't care about the death of his own son, who else should he care for? If tinubu is human, he should still be mourning the demise of his son that died in less than 1yr, but the shameless he-goat Is still around politicking.
    One thing is that, nothing last forever!

  3. Maybe they flushed him out because of the highest rent he imposed on houses in Lagos All we want is the person that will remove that tax on houses and reduce suffering of the masses that voted them into power because only their votes can't take them to that post So they have to make us happy for our sacrifice

  4. Nigerian should be blame not the politician, Nigerian are ignorance about life , Nigeria likes force life, that is the reason all the country in the world didn't like most Nigerians, my question is Who are voting? is the thugs and the uneducated people that always come out to vote, that is the reason those uneducated control Nigeria because they voted in their politician, the so called educated and good Nigerians never turn out to votes, but they quick to come on Youtube and make stupid videos and criticize shouting the election was rigged …. the thugs, drivers, cultist, local market sellers, conductors, agbero, always radically comes out to votes.. and mostly Muslims are also radical in politics but so called Christian sit in the Church casting the stupid devil instead for them to come out radically and vote for their right, they are waiting for Jesus to select for them… the person that made this video, ask him if he has ever voted or have voters card…. wake up Nigerian…. Shame on your Nigerians are you full of fake life…. Look at Ghana and a Gambia… until the so call educated Nigerians, Professors, pastors, pope, students, good radical humanright cultist, then Nigeria will be a great Nation..