A Handy Guide To The Best Electricity Companies In New York


Whether you’ve decided to move to New York or have lived in New York your entire life and are simply interested in changing your power provider, Sandy Petrocelli has some tips on ways discover a handy guide to New York’s best electricity companies. After all, not all power companies offer reliable, competitively priced electricity!

A handy guide to the best electricity companies in New York:

  1. ConEdison

ConEdison is one of the oldest electricity companies in New York and was initially founded back in 1823 under the name New York Gas Light Company. Today ConEdison is now responsible for providing electricity to over 1 million New York residents. ConEdison is a great option to choose if you’d prefer to do business with an electricity company who specializes in creating renewable eco-friendly sources of energy. If you’re interested ConEdison’s prices start at $0.27 cents for a kilowatt hour of energy.

  1. EnergyPlus

If you’re looking to sign with an electricity company which offers a wide array of flexible price plans, which you can change on a regular basis as your power needs change, it’s well worth finding out more information about EnergyPlus. As an example, if your household changes from being a one-person household to a 4 person household, you may be able to save yourself money by changing the price plan, which you’re signed up for.

Lastly, EnergyPlus is also a great power company to deal with as they offer a competitive rewards scheme, which will reward you for every dollar which you spend with EnergyPlus. As prices aren’t listed on EnergyPlus’ website, be sure to get in contact with EnergyPlus’ dedicated support team if you’re interested in finding out more information about pricing.

  1. Constellation

Constellation is another of New York’s top power companies and offers customers a choice of gas and traditional electricity as well as electricity which has been sourced from natural, renewable means. Examples of which include hydro-powered electricity and solar energy. So if you have a preference for the type of electricity which you’d like to use, it may be well worth signing up for an energy plan with Constellation. It’s well worth noting that prices start at around 7.9 cents for an hour of power.

  1. NYSEG

NYSEG services homes in upstate New York and currently provides electricity to over 880,000 satisfied individuals. NYSEG appeals to customers who demand a reliable power service and who prefer clean forms of renewable energy over traditional sources of power. So if you live in upstate New York, it’s well worth looking into NYSEG’s competitive pricing plans. One of which offers one hour of power during daylight hours for 12 cents and one hour of power during the evenings for 6 cents per hour.

  1. National Grid

National Grid is a unique power company as it’s owned by thousands of investors. The bulk of whom are located in the US and the UK. Like most of the energy companies listed above National Grid also prides itself on producing clean, renewable forms of electricity. If you’re interested National Grid’s prices start at approximately 5 cents per hour of power. However, National Grid also charges a basic service charge of $17.

In conclusion, no matter which of the competitive power companies listed above, you opt to sign up to, you should receive reliable power at an affordable rate.

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