3 Ways You Can Actually Help Your Country


There is no nation in the world that’s perfect and in spite of what the mass media and the internet might lead people to believe sometimes, the United States of America isn’t the worst place in the world to live in. The problems that plague the nation are nothing to scoff at though and while change takes time, here are three motivating actions every US citizen can and should take to help solve issues and make it a better nation for tomorrow.

Support the Natural Treasures of the Nation

The National Parks in the United States are among the best in the world when it comes to experiencing untamed nature at its very best. Anyone who has ever hiked in the Rocky Mountain National Park or Yosemite knows that the scenery and the natural beauty in these parts of the country are nothing short of astounding. However, in order to keep these parks and the flora and fauna in them protected, The National Park Service needs donations and visits from visitors. Support them in any way that you can and keep the most beautiful parts of America from being bulldozed.


The number of people who vote in US elections has remained quite disappointing for the last few years as fewer citizens are showing up to vote. Become a responsible citizen by reading about the candidates and politicians involved in the elections before votingin favor of the candidate or party that you think represents your ideasand expectations best. Show up at the polling booths to motivate and inspire those around you into doing the same. Keep democracy in America alive by voting wisely, and never forget that it is both your right and your duty to vote as a citizen of the United States.

Support the Troops

While there are sometimes controversies surrounding the American military and their role in various conflicts, it doesn’t take away from the fact that the US troops are an essential part of what makes the nation great and they need your support. Even if you do not support the military actions of the current government, take some active interest in helping out the veterans of the US army who can really use the help and support from the US citizens. Make donations to their cause, buy from businesses that make donations to the US military, and if you have the opportunity, hire veterans who are looking for a job to settle down into their civilian lives.

It would be hard to find an intelligent and level-headed citizen in any country who supports everything his/her country is doing, but that’s all the more reason to get involved with the interests of the country. Try to become a part of the system if you want to change it, but even when you cannot be a part of the system directly, exercise your right to vote and inspire others to be more responsible citizens and work towards the changes that they want to see.

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