The Bomb – Episode 400 (Mark Angel Comedy) – Download here

The Bomb – Episode 400 (Mark Angel Comedy)

Kbrown finally met a Canadian girl

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  1. For the next generation may be you're watching this in 2100, this channel was our main comedy channel, We enjoyed watching this, as we talk right now may be Emmanuel and Aunt success are Nannies. we enjoyed thus in 2014- To date (2023)

    comment written in 20th January, 2023😄

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  3. The Far (YOU) The Mark Angel Fraternity and (US) The Fans 'THE LORD AS BROUGHT US' is The Far (YOU) The Mark Angel Fraternity and (US) The Fans 'GOD OUR LORD' is going to take us. SUPERB for the 400 Episodes.

  4. I have been here from episode one,,,, the tiny Mark with Denilson Igwe then Kbrown and the the crew came in without forget my best girls Emmanuella and Success…. I just love you people…. by then I was only 22 years old,,,,, guess how old I am now and my dad preaches me every Sunday in church because of Mark and Emmanuella……

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