Download Album Mp3:- 2k De Star Boss – De Truth

Download Album Mp3:- 2k De Star Boss – De Truth

Album is all about reality of life and how to manage our positions to favor those that voted us, and for all the tears and blood that are seeking for justice.

1: Customer is an inspirational song that teaches us how to relate to our customers, knowing that our customers are the kings & Queens, the reason why we are still the top notch in business.

2: Our World : Is all about the way we treat each other, doing things together in one love to achieve same desired result, without divided attention or hatred for one another, because divided we shall fall down beyond repair compared to the outside world. United we stand!!!

3: Make Money is one song that every man needs to listen to, because money is one thing that brings the world closer to you and I. Money automatically put any man who has it in charge and also makes a man’s life relevant and meaningful, the earlier we go in search of it the better.
Make Money Early Momo!

4: De Way Ya Wine It _ Is a track describing my sweet wife when I newly met her, before then I was looking like a guy that will not get married in the nearest 10years, but when I saw her the first time in the office were I work , I just could not resist making her my queen.

5: Ghetto War is a track telling us to wake up from our slumber and get the bull by the horns because our country today has turned to a war zone where killings, raping and all forms of atrocities are committed without remorse and it has to stop else a second civil war might break out. (Prophecy)

6-Ebelambe is a song to our leaders to please call a spade a spade and and rule us well by laying a golden example for we the youths to follow. We voted them in to represent and protect all and not to enslave us. na abeg we they beg una!

1- customer produced by foreign
2- our world produced by Dmm
3- make money ft 90sumtin produced by foreign
4- De way ya wine it produced by foreign
5- Ghetto war ft Jpac produced by willy
6- Ebelambe ft pres-king produced by Dmm

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