Our Audio Issues Resolved – Download here

Our Audio Issues Resolved


  1. An Absolutely Legend indeed Mark Angel, Family & Crews, I want to thank you all for many years Entertainment . For not giving up on us and for giving us what we ask for. God bless You All & Happy Thanksgiving! The Lord is Your strength.🦃🍽

  2. I you u had switched over Agnes as maybe she has informed Mr Lawanson of going to study English abroad and Mr Lawanson gave her ultimatum to either choose btn marriage and studies but she opted for studies. This made Mr Lawanson go in for another lady from the village only to realise she also has similar grammar issues as the former Agnes❤❤❤

  3. I’m praying for our Agnes to come back she’s irreplaceable
    Thanks for at least giving us the hope that she might come back😢
    I’m glad Audio is sorted now looking forward to all the shows on mark angel tv & comedy!

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