WHERE DO YOU SEE NIGERIA IN NEXT 5 YEARS | Brodashaggi | Timi Agbaje – Download here

WHERE DO YOU SEE NIGERIA IN NEXT 5 YEARS | Brodashaggi | Timi Agbaje
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  1. I almost get emotional watching this video, if only we the youth can be concerned about every political leadership post in Nigeria and not only the presidential candidate, thing would be right. Imagine the right man is the president but majority of governors and senators are not the right people, thing would still be the same in the next 4 years… Even the bible say two heads are better than one.

  2. Shagghi God bless you for ti's message. We as a people must get it right this time. 2023 election we are voting the right candidate ha them swear say nigeria no go work? See Rwanda? Obedient all the way

  3. Broda shaggie abeg u hit am right joor, thank u so much for dis video. For me, i am really tired of this suffering. Nigeria is really going down everyday, we see corruption as a normal thing to do in Nigeria. Anything we see that it's been built in abroad can be built here in Nigeria. Other neighboring countries are doing far more better than us, our currency has turned to nothing and our leaders are just in political offices embezzling money and turning deaf ears to the less privilege ones crying for help. Their children is in abroad studying and graduating but we are here, staying at home for long because of nonsense ASUU Strike, they can't pay ASUU or give free education with all the money they have stolen. They want to stop Education because they know that EDUCATION IS ONE OF THE MAJOR KEYS TO SUCCESS. They are just ontop for their selfish interests and not for others, they don't care if the people they are leading are doing good or not. Many being dies everyday in Nigeria but they don't care. They will support rubbish things, false, sin and corruption because of their selfish interests. Abroad built generators but they don't use it and our leaders can't ask their selves some valued reasonable questions about whole things happening in Nigeria. They don't feel ashamed of their selves when they are been shown in TV stating stupid things or what they won't still do or can't do. With the whole things happening in Nigeria, y'all can see differences between Literate and Illiterate with sensible reasonings and words that can be used to qualify a good leader with good motive and reasonings..

  4. This is a nice and good message that B.shaggi is passing to we citizen so as to vote for the right person in the 2023 upcoming election, thanks for this broda shaggi I lur you so much jare❤️

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