SHAGGI OMO OGBON (ALEYI ALE) Broda Shaggi | Shaggi Band – Download here

SHAGGI OMO OGBON (ALEYI ALE) Broda Shaggi | Shaggi Band


  1. Broda Shaggi is an ENTERTAINER who is VERSATILE and FLEXIBLE. This performance is a combination of a lot of genres.

    The one that is very obvious is the KING WASIU AYINDE MARSHAL genre of FUJI. It is very clear also that Broda Shaggi's attire portrays the way Fuji musicians usually dress.

    Fuji musicians usually dress very simply just the way Broda Shaggi dress here. Juju is also in this performance.

    The beats sound great and also bring the wave of the TRENDY AFROBEATS to mind. Borrowing a lot of trending sounds like ZAZU and BUGA into this also will make a lot of people connect with this performance.

    Well done BRODA SHAGGI.

    I reserve my comment about the Election bit at the end. I am not sure if the 2023 election will solve Nigeria. All these politicians are the same. Nigeria possibly needs a RESET, perhaps a RESTRUCTURE or BREAKUP from the IMPERIALISM creation. Nigeria is a country with many Nations inside it. Those makes can stand on their own.

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