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OVERTHINKERS BE LIKE !!! W/ Barrister Mike …

This is the official YouTube channel of Mc Lively, welcome to the channel of the Liveliest Man Alive. You’re not living if you’re not laughing.

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  1. Today I'm praying for someone who is Emotionally in pain 😭💔, Mentally Stressed 🤔, financially Broke 😓 But Physically smilling💃🏽 pretending that all is well,in this month of July, u're coming out Victoriously amen 🙌🙏

  2. This happens to me a lot, anytime I have sex, I always think of hiv, it sends chills to my spins. I don’t cheat because of fear of getting infected. Before any sex, we both must do std tests. It’s crazy but have had episodes and even cry like a baby because of I had unprotected. 🤣🤣🤣

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